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Every casino today has different ways of rewarding its loyal customers. For IVIP9  customers, the VIP service does exactly that. It’s a way to make customers feel special. With this, many Singaporeans have rated IVIP9 the trusted online casino 2024.

IVIP9 VIP program is a tier-based structure that promises excellent bonuses and rewards to its users. The rewards are given in ladder form, depending on where you are.

There are five stages in this program: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Each tier has varying benefits and features. As a member, you have access to exclusive promotions, discounts, benefits, and other special services. And there are several advantages to this too.

For example, the VIP casino no deposit bonus is much better than the regular one. It’s easier to win and has more rewards.

IVIP9 is considered by many as the most trusted online casino Singapore. These VIP programs are part of the reason. The best online casino gives VIP members the ability to shift to a VIP membership group

They are allowed to make use of the VIP Referral System. The compensation is more lucrative based on one’s tier.

Features of VIP Program IVIP9

The benefits of VIP loyalty programs are immense. As the best Online Casino Singapore, IVIP9 promises the most attractive features of any VIP online casino.
First, the program comes with next-level rewards. Customers are exposed to perks like better bonuses, free spins, and an invitation to special events.

Here are the top features:

Security and Safety

The IVIP9 VIP casino has sophisticated updated data security. It uses the best casino practices as a licensed service provider. Members enjoy more data privacy. They can also access the services from a wide range of devices and never feel disappointed.

Better and faster payout

IVIP9 payouts are good for any customer. However, the speed and the options are doubled for VIP members. High rollers receive their winnings quickly. They also enjoy more payment options, with bigger winnings to claim. Since a VIP Program means more bonuses, members stand a chance to win more.

Customer service

As the valued customer of the casino, VIP members receive priority service when it comes to customer support. Every issue raised is treated with extreme urgency for resolution. The players can gamble with good peace of mind.

As the customer service is available 24/7 (via live chat), the players are able to seek assistance while they play. The customer service team will attend to the VIP members with care.

Best rewards

The IVIP9 reward system is one of the best in Singapore. Customers always have something to look forward to. Things get better with the VIP program.

For instance, the VIP casino no deposit bonus pays better than the regular one. All other rewards follow the same pattern. It’s all about making loyal customers feel part of the team.

VIP Ranking

Another important feature of this program is the ranking. You grow up the ladder and unlock better rewards with each rank. Here are the ranks and their features:

a. Bronze

  • Bronze is the lowest of the tiers. It calls for the minimum qualification required.
  • Members can earn VIP casino rewards
  • Also, one qualifies for a sports rebate of 0.5%
  • Complete your KYC to qualify

b. Silver

  • Silver is the second tier after bronze.
  • This tier comes with a higher VIP casino reward. For instance, the upgrade bonus is higher
  • You qualify for other bonuses like the sports rebate, live casino rebate, and a slot rebate
  • The three months tier maintenance requirement is not here

c. Gold

  • The gold tier serves as the middle of all tiers. It’s between the low and the upper tier.
  • Deposit overall is higher. The tier bonus is also much bigger.
  • There is also a three-month tier maintenance requirement
  • Once you join this tier, you must check it after every three months. A minimum deposit is required too.

d. Platinum

  • Diamond is the final and higher tier on the VIP ladder. To be a member, one must deposit a higher amount.
  • Members get the highest VIP casino reward, with a better tier upgrade bonus.
  • There is a sports rebate, live casino rebate, and slot rebate
  • A three months casino maintenance fee is a requirement
  • First priority for all cash transactions, with a dedicated account manager. 

Type of VIP Loyalty Program Rewards

The IVIP9 casino VIP loyalty program offers a wide range of rewards. They include the following:

• Prizes/Cash

Joining a VIP club opens a door for better prizes/cash rewards. Regular players cannot access these rewards, which makes them more special.

• Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is common in every VIP casino Singapore. But it’s better with IVIP9 because the casino makes actual payments. You can claim this bonus at any time.

• Multipliers Points

As a part of the club VIP casino customers get special treatment with score multipliers. This increases your score by a specific number. Regular casino members do not enjoy such privileges.

How to Choose the Best VIP Casino Site Program?

Finding the best VIP casino Singapore may not be as easy as it seems. This is because there are far too many online casinos. Here are some factors to consider, though:

i. Casino’s reputation

Many online casinos promise amazing VIP casino bonus options. But very few can actually leave up to these promises. IVIP9 is one of the most trusted services providers because of its proven track record.

Before you choose a program, therefore, take your time to research different casinos. It is all about establishing trust from the start.

ii. Consider the type of VIP reward scheme

There are two main types of VIP and loyalty programs – points-based and tier-based. In points-based, a player qualifies by playing a lot. They can earn points based on how much they play. The points can then be changed to rewards.

In the tier-based program, a player has to deposit a certain amount to qualify for a specific tier. Then, they must spend most of their time playing. They move up the ladder slowly.

Any of these programs are good. You just have to make sure the casino offers real rewards.

iii. Type of rewards

The main reason anyone would consider joining a VIP program is for the rewards they promise. There are cash/prize rewards, free spins, trips, and multipliers.
Consider the reward you would like to have, and then choose a casino that offers it. Luckily, you can get all types of rewards from an IVIP9 online casino.

iv. Game portfolio and their odds

The easiest way to climb up a tier is by playing as many games as possible. This can be hard if a casino only has a limited number of games. Always read about the tiers and what games each unlocks. You want a program that has most of your favorite games.

v. Location

Location is the casino you wish to play from is equally important. Take your time to check where the casino operates before signing up for the program.
Even though you can play online games from anywhere, it may not always be possible.

This can be caused by imposed restrictions on the target market by the casino. In addition, not all websites are accessible due to online ban by the authority.
Choose a casino that operates where you live. It becomes easier to claim and/or raise a concern.

How to Join VIP Program IVIP9?

There are two crucial factors that qualify members for the IVIP9 casino VIP reward. The first one is to deposit certain amounts of money. And the second one is to invest your time in this casino.

The casino VIP program is quite attractive, but it does not come cheaply. Every tier opens doors to better winnings, which also makes it more challenging to attain.

Customers who are on the VIP program are called the “higher rollers.” They are known for making large deposits and spending most of their time playing games.

As a high roller, you are free to exploit everything offered in the casino. You also have access to better games and better winnings.
In a nutshell, you can become a VIP member at IVIP9 by:

  1. Creating an account
  2. Make initial qualifying deposit
  3. Continue to gamble to upgrade membership tiers

Come Together with Best VIP Program IVIP9

Now that you understand what the VIP program is all about, it’s time to join one. IVIP9 online casino is one place with endless possibilities for this. Create your account today and start building your portfolio. Start from anywhere using any device.

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