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IVIP9: Singapore's Best Online E-Sports Betting in 2024

IVIP9, a renowned Asia's top brand name in the online betting agency, offers top online money making Games like lotteries, casinos, and sportsbooks to its customers. It is known under the name IVIP9. They are represented by substantial gambling brands like Playtech, Allbet, CMD368, Spadegaming, etc.

One great thing about IVIP9 is that they provide their customers with the facility of using a variety of money transferring options upon their victory via Help2Pay and Eeziepay. Their member service support team is active 24/7 to offer services for solving any issue and providing guidance. 

All the personal information of clients is kept confidential. In short, they provide their customers with everything they need to start playing on the platform.

Famous IVIP9 E-Sports Games Singapore

In this era of cutting-edge technology, where everything is shifting to tech-based, sports have been shifted to a new format. 

Most people nowadays are attracted to playing online casino games because they can be played while sitting in their comfortable position at home and can help you earn money using online casino sites like IVIP9.


Doom fans will be amazed to know the excellent features of slot games that launched the first-ever shooter. Keep playing and hunt down giant monsters and earn big wins and free spins.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a 3D multiplayer game for aspiring online gamers. It is also called a strike of kings, mainly designed for mobile users. On the IVIP9, you can bid for any E-sport that you love to play. In the Arena of Valor, there is a World Cup competition each year where 100’s of people bet on their favorite teams.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty, which was started in 2003 by Activision publication and is a first-person shooting sport game that was themed on World War II in the beginning. With time, the game featured the themes of the Cold War, futuristic worlds, and space. 

Many multi-dollar prize events are happening around the globe for call duty and a huge betting market. IVIP9 website has the facility to bet on call of duty game players and teams as well.


The multiplayer mode of Smite is one of the best games to play, even among free-to-play games, which does not come with a bitter aftertaste. It has an issue in its free-to-play design apart from its floaty fighting and the mismatch between the "Almighty" Gods and cursor. 

Smite is played in 5v5 matchups between two teams in the game’s “Conquest” mode. Each team’s goal is to destroy the Titan in the enemy team’s base.

Types of Esports Betting

Those who have already placed an esport bet know that there are several ways you can adopt to bet on your favorite esport. Whether it's a straightforward outright bet on which esport DOTA 2 will win a gamble on a precise score in the CSGO game in the Intel Extreme Masters.

We have created a quick and handy guide regarding some of the widespread Esport bets available at the best esport betting sites. We have not covered up a complete list of all the esport bets available. But our guide will help you start making some decent esport earning by placing bets on esport games

Esports betting comes in various levels ranging from simple to sophisticated ones, but we have summed up everything you need to know to get started.

a. Handicap betting

If an esport team like SK Telecom T1 plays in LoL esport games, then most chances are that they will win. 

But if you want to profit from such matches, you can place a handicap bet which gives the favorite team a disadvantage and gives you a higher chance of making a good profit even if they win with a high esport live score despite the handicap.

A handicap puts limitations on a team that is most likely to win. Handicap may provide you with better opportunities and can be proved to be a fantastic type of esport bet.

To use handicap betting properly, you need some experience. But once you start using it properly, it can help you hit the profit charts while betting on some of the finest esport Singapore teams.

b. Accumulator betting

Accumulator bets, which are often known as combi-bets, allow you to bet on the outcome of numerous esport events. Since accumulator bets could be used for various esport events, you must get all of your predictions right to win.

Correctly predicting an accumulator can be harsh, but you will receive fantastic rewards if you somehow manage to get it right. All these esport bets are highly risky, but if you win, you earn high payouts.

c. System betting

One thing that makes system betting common to accumulator betting is that you also have to make multiple choices on your betting slip. But the other thing which makes it different from the accumulator bets is that if one of your esport bettings picks fails, you won't lose your entire stake. 

There are different types of system bets, including doubles, trebles, etc. Of course, with more choices comes more chances for you to win.

Although you cannot make such big profits from system bets as you do from accumulator bets, they provide you with enjoyable ways to make pretty good profits from esport betting. You can use system bets instead of accumulator bets if the stakes are just a little too high for you.

How To Find The Right E-Sport Betting Casino Singapore?

Fortunately, the formation of so many esport betting sites has provided us with many options to go on with. But the creation of so many sites has created a new challenge, which site to choose? 

Choosing one site out of so many is also not an easy task; there is a lot you need to consider before starting with any of the sports betting sites on the list. Out of thousands of online casino platforms for Singapore IVIP9 is the most trusted one with daily deposit and withdrawal facilities.

• Choose a popular site

For choosing an esport betting site, we would advise you to check the website and social media presence in detail so you could easily trust the team behind handling a particular website, especially in terms of withdrawal. 

You will be amazed that IVIP9 is the top online casino Singapore for daily withdrawal, and daily, thousands of new members register here because it’s one of the highest paying sites.

• Explore a variety of games

You can choose between Leagues, Sports, and events, even in esport betting too, just like you do in the case of other sports. Then by clicking on your bets, you can have them in your betting receipt. 

What makes the difference between esport and regular sports is the types of bets offered by esport through which we will go below.

• Bundle of offers

Remember that some betting sites provide accumulator insurance, which can reimburse you in extra bets if just one selection in your accumulator fails. However, always check the fine print before starting to ensure that you aren't taken off guard by any restrictions on the odds you can use in your combo-betting bundles.

Benefits of Playing E-Sport Betting Singapore on IVIP9

i. E-sports can have extraordinary chances to win

Other than the bounty of choices, one more benefit of wagering on esport livescore is the chances. For reasons unknown, a few bookmakers have extraordinary opportunities for various games, particularly for a portion of the titles that are not so famous.

Thus, if you have the experience and realize what you're doing, you can profit yourself from the chances by putting down a bet. With the wide variety of games, the player can choose a game which caters to their interests and expertise of how the game works.

ii. Real-time matches

All matches occurring worldwide are updated continuously on the website. As IVIP9 covers some of the most prominent e-sports such as Counter Strike, DOTA, League of Legends and others which are all taking place simultaneously. 

In addition, the website also updates on future matches which helps the players to plan their budget and strategize their bets in advance. These updates are meant to be informative for the players to oversee multiple matches at once.

iii.  24/7 customer service

The e-sport matches occur actively throughout the world, and we are always accepting bets. Likewise, the customer service should reflect the world of e-sport that never sleeps. 

In the event of any issues with withdrawal, the 24/7 live chat team is readily available to help the players solve their problems. This is to ensure a smooth, seamless gambling experience on IVIP9.

iv. Free betting with no loss

On IVIP9, the players can bet on soccer matches with no risk. Exclusive to the soccer matches alone, the new players can bet on selected categories of soccer matches. 

By making a minimum bet of RM 100, the players are guaranteed a 100% cashback if they suffer losses. On the other hand, if the player manages to win, they are permitted to keep their winnings as long as they fulfill certain requirements.

How To Play E-Sport Betting on IVIP9?

One of the main reasons people are involved in betting on games is definitely to win. There are some mindful strategies that you can use to ensure your victory. You will find yourself losing the majority of times if you place bets based on guesswork without knowing practical techniques.

Several other terminologies are used in esport, but the ones discussed above are the most commonly used while betting on video games. We would like to move on to the effective tips that will surely help you in betting on video games.

Beginners in Singapore can do esport betting safely, quickly, and by legit means, if they follow a few easy but crucial guidelines include:

  • Step1: First of all, you should use only that betting site with a valid license as offshore sites. You only need to go to the site and click on the signup option. In the pop-up window, all you need is to mention all incorrect information formats and wait for the confirmation email.
  • Step 2: Secondly, create a budget and conduct homework to ensure you have complete guidelines before getting started.
  • Step 3: Now go to the IVIP9 site and explore the world of new betting experiences. Explore all different categories and choose the best one that fits your betting interest.
  • Step 4: Finally, start betting with that esport that you have already played; the advantages of doing so are very clear. So, if you are up for taking any challenge, then we have got you covered. Betting in esport is not always money-making; sometimes, it can be done just for fun.

Following these guidelines, we hope you make it to your best esport betting experience in the trusted online casino Singapore.

Best Strategy & Tips on How to Win E-sport Betting Game Singapore

Esports betting and traditional sports have a lot in common. Keeping this in mind, we would like to suggest you read our articles in the leading sports betting guide written concerning traditional sports betting.

But the knowledge and tips they provide can undoubtedly be used on the grounds of esport betting. Also, keep in touch with esport news; it will also help you get an idea about the esport betting technique and watch esport live to better understand how things work in the esport arena. 

Further, we will mention professional tips on how you can win esport betting games.

Tips #1: Always select the best betting site

Although you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, IVIP9 should be an exception. This is because the online casino has a diverse array of esport games. This would allow the player to spread out the budget over a range of games. 

Most importantly, it allows close supervision because all bets are hosted on one platform. This makes tracking significantly easier to foresee results of bets.

Tips #2:Go for the statistical insight

Explore popular betting sites like IVIP9 who offers a great list of offers and betting bundles. You should go through group rankings, past competition results, group structure guides, apparatus history, just as other factual bits of knowledge before drop-kicking on an esport-based wagering market.

Tips #3: Explore more about each team and its players

Whenever you have seen how the game functions, your subsequent stage needs to explore the contending groups and their players, your capacity to do so is imperative in evaluating the precision of esport wagering tips.

Besides, you should keep awake to date with recent developments. There are various esport with various groups. Again, these groups can go through changes over the long term. Expanding a solid gamer from one more esport association may inconceivably work on the odds of the previous.

Tips #4: See live stream matches

Live streaming an esport match will empower you to ride the force of an occasion and drop-kick on it in a like manner. It gives a direct encounter that has profundity, which straightforward insights can't provide. You can feel the environment of a match, gain many-sided vital viewpoints, and use in-play betting.

Tips #5: Join a wide gaming community

Close by your factual exploration, staying aware of discussions, web journals, and sites about esport betting. It can prove to be useful for better understanding a specific esport title, game, or competition.


The increasing popularity of online casino Singapore is attracting gamers from around the world and some robbers who can rob you of your money by making fake websites. 

So, before getting into esport, make sure you are entering a safe and authentic site to save your money. Try to invest some time in choosing the trusted online casino 2024 before investing your money. In addition, if you would like, you can try to start with us; we are the best online casino in Singapore.

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