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IVIP9 has rapidly grown into a household name for Asian punters. It’s best known for offering a wide range of products. Horse racing is a favorite game for many gamblers. Whether real-life or virtual, the energy in these races never ceases to amuse gamers.

It’s only the best online casino that can bring out real action. Millions of Singaporeans view IVIP9 as the trusted online casino Singapore for these games. You are exposed to several possibilities and options, all to make your time worth it. All the dynamics of horse racing betting are articulated with clarity.

You can bet on live games and win great prizes. The race tracks are full of fun and entertainment. It will make you happy, even without a win. IVIP9 specializes in a wide range of horse racing betting activities. It would help if you specialized in one to increase your winning chances.

What is Online Horse Racing Betting?

Horse racing is a popular equestrian sport that has been with us for ages. We have all heard stories of chariot racing during the Roman period. More examples of early horse racing exist.

The sport has found its way into casinos, both online and land-based. Gamblers place their bets on different stakes for a chance to win cash prizes. Technology has escalated things. It’s easier to play a horse racing betting video game than go to physical tracks.

Horse racing often comes with risking betting. The common name among gamblers is Royal Sports. The Asia market has seen a fair share of horse racing bettors for generations. Kings used the games for entertainment in ancient times.

Today, it’s a recreational sport in Singapore and other Asian countries.

Types of bets in horse racing

It’s crucial to understand how horse racing betting works if you are going to succeed. As stated above, the games come with risky betting. There are several betting options in horse races. Here are the most popular ones:

Exact bet

This is a horse racing bet that is usually placed on the highest odds. It’s also the most entertaining. In this bet, the game predicts a specific horse they think will win. It must be a horse that shows up on the tracks for this to work.

A winner can get more than ten points on the track. And the payout can be quite significant.

Exact factor

Here is another popular wager for horse race betting. In this case, a gambler takes three top finishers in the same race and checks if they march up the prize.
If they do, you win if you have paid for it. Many people take this route, but very few win. And when they do, the payout is over the roof.

Exact factor with regards to harness races

The third type of horse racing bet odds is the exact factor, but with something extra. In this case, a gamer keeps an eye on races with the same pattern as harness races.

However, the horses don’t wear logos from the harness tracks. In other words, the horse doesn’t have to win. The bettor does it if it matches the right price.

Best Online Horse Racing Betting game provider- T7 Racing

T7 has been offering racing horse racing game applications for many years. It has grown into a trusted provider for its use of technology.

Every horse racing bet game comes with high-quality features and the best chances to win. In addition, the graphics and soundtracks of these games are beyond imagination.

T7 has been open since 2007. Their contribution to the digital gaming industry is immense. They focus on racing games, which have earned them an excellent reputation.

You will find the best of these games on IVIP9 online casino. Here, everything is possible. The bonuses, the strategies, and the setup of the platform make it all possible.

Benefits of Playing Online Horse Racing Betting on IVIP9

There are many horse racing betting sites on the internet today. However, it takes time and effort to establish trust and have loyal customers. That is what IVIP9 has achieved. For years, they have focused on making sure that every customer gets exactly what they want.

Here are the benefits of joining this trusted service provider:

a. Win bonuses and rewards

The biggest advantage of horse racing betting on IVIP9 is the abundance of bonuses. You get a welcome bonus for signing up to the site. And when you start playing, a lot more rewards are in store. You can use these bonuses and rewards to place wagers on different horse races.

b. Convenient, safe, and easy to play

IVIP9 has invested heavily in online security for its customers. This means your personal details are safe, no matter where you are.

Most importantly, gaming is easy. You can place your wagers conveniently from the comfort of your home using a smartphone. This is a huge advantage of online betting.

c. Best odds

Every gambler wants to get the best possible odds. Horse racing is one tough casino game. IVIP9 offers many different odds and odds comparisons for better winning chances.

They may not appear to differ by huge amounts with other sites. But even the slightest difference in odds can have a huge impact.

d. A wide racing coverage

Horse racing is a versatile sport. There is always a game happening in different parts of the world. IVIP9 makes sure you have access to all of them.

IVIP9 has partnered with high-ranking online gaming providers from across the globe. And that is the reason you will never get bored. Bet on a wide range of horse races, both virtual and physical.

How to Play Online Horse Racing Betting on IVIP9?

There are several horse racing betting rules you must be aware of before you start playing. IVIP9 makes this easy by sharing horse racing betting tips and tricks with new players.

 Like horse racing betting tips, the rules are crucial to every bettor. It makes everything clear, sharing a clear guideline to follow.

Rules #1: Learn about horse racing betting

Usually, the first step is to choose the horse you want to bet on. You must understand how it all works. For instance, the connection between a horse and jockey is crucial. Hence, you must understand every rule there is to the game.

Rule #2: Consider the connection between a horse and its trainer

This is a key indicator of the performance of the horse. Keep in mind who trained a horse, focusing on their track record. Consider the value of that horse too. How much will it bring? It’s more than just the horse, but the bettor too.

Rule#3: Understand the type of bets

The types of bets are of key importance too. Betting on a long-short is generally considered extremely hard. It comes with main possibilities and outcomes to the game, which can be a bit overwhelming.

Rule #4: Understand the rules of horse race betting

You may be required to give additional information. This could include age, nationality, and residence address. Before placing a bet using the IVIP9 site, read the regulations about wagering.

Claim Online Horse Racing Bonus on IVIP9

You can claim a horse racing and betting bonus from IVIP9 online casino with ease. The first and most important step is to create an account. Also, read and understand horse racing betting terms. This will help you make more informed decisions.

Click on the specific horse racing bonus and choose “Claim.” Follow the given instructions, and the bonus is yours. It doesn’t get any easier.

Ideally, the new players are recommended to claim the attractive 100% welcome bonus. In addition, other bonuses such as 20% daily deposit bonus and 1% cash rebate are worth considering too.

Best Strategy to Win Online Horse Racing Betting Singapore

Even though it’s a game of chance, there are several horse racing betting strategies that can increase your winning chances. You can use them with several horse racing betting apps available. Here are the popular strategies:

Strategy #1: Dutching

When you bet on a specific number of horses, you can make the same win amount, no matter the horse that wins. You will need some math skills.

Strategy #2: Laying the Favorite

Bet against the favorite horse to win the race. This seems like a strange strategy that defies the basic principle of gambling. But, use it correctly, and it can promise great returns.

Strategy #3: Value betting on horse races

This is another great strategy for maximizing your profits over time. Check for an underpriced selection, one that has higher chances of winning and taking advantage. A bookmaker may have underrated a horse that can easily win.

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