IVIP9 Casino Terms of Used

IVIP9 welcomes the users and players from almost all parts of the world where it is legal to participate in online betting or gambling. Here are some essential terms of use that every player or user need to observe:

  • To sign up with the platform, users need to be at least 18 year or have the age of maturity as per residing state. If it is not the case, the person is not able to sign up or participate in the betting.

  • Users’ needs to make sure it is legal to gamble online as per their state. If their state does not support the gambling or betting activities, they should not sign up. It is essential to notify their residing state that they should comply with favorable betting policies not the nationality, as these two can be different.

  • We hold all the rights to take action such as freezing accounts, holding funds or apply penalties if any user violates these conditions.

  • Platform can refuse the bets by the individuals who are not complying with the rules and terms of use.

  • Better will get the winnings within the 30 days from the calendar date of result publication. It includes the working and off days as well.

  • IVIP9 reserves the right to refuse bets from any user without giving any reasoning for rejection.

  • If betters have any concerns about the winnings then they have to make a claim within 10 days of receiving the winnings.

  • Players should make sure they will check the winning details first and if there is anything problematic, they need to report it instantly. The reporting requires all minor and major details such as account number. Time, even, date, selection, stake, odds or the problem. Betters need to provide valid reasoning of rejection or claim on the winnings.

  • The better who won all the predictions needs to redeem the bet as won after getting results as per predictions. If there is, no claim the player might lose the reward after a specific time. 

  • Betting terms and adjustments can be different for each bet. The player needs to review the terms and conditions of every bet before entering. Once a player has agreed on the terms, the platform will not accommodate any claim to adjust it. 

  • During the pre-trial procedure, if any party, the platform or the user, finds any violation of rights or rules, it is essential to report it in writing. The users should provide a written complaint about the issue to the officials in order to register the problem this instant. 

  • Any dispute between the parties in agreement between the user and the company will be settled in specific settings. Both parties will share their side of stories, make claims and proceed towards logical resolution of the matter. It is essential to keep the claims logical and precise instead of adding more complications to it. 

  • Complaints about incidents should be made within 10 days of incident. Any complaint made after ten days will go unattended. The company will not review or investigate the complaint at any cost. 

  • People who have issues with the betting calculations or want to report complaints about betting procedures in a specific bet should complain in 72 hours. These 72 hours start when the betting ends for that specific session. User needs to provide a written complaint with all essential details in there. 

  • Every user is responsible to secure his or her account password and other credentials. The company does not cover any unauthorized access through password. Company only takes responsibility for the data server and ensures there is no hacking or data theft from its servers. 

  • Users should avoid sharing their passwords or login to the platform using public computers or internet browsers. These activities can eventually cause them to risk their account security. 

  • It is essential to set up a difficult to crack password on a portal. The obvious and easy passwords are quick to crack. Every user should use a two-way verification method to make the account secure and difficult to access for any irrelevant person. 

  • Placing a bet is an acceptance to the betting conditions by the user and there is no blackout afterwards. 

  • One user can have only one account at the portal. Duplication of accounts is a serious offense and leads to the ultimate cancellation of either all or duplicate accounts. 

  • Poor internet connection can result in the cancellation of the bet eventually so the users need to have a fast and strong internet connection. 

  • In the doubt of any violation such as duplication of accounts, hiding identity, knowing results of matches while placing bets and others, companies have a right to start investigation on the user by asking for identification proofs. 

  • Any changes to these rules and policies will be notified to the customers in person. The changes apply to the activities held after changes made. 
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