About IVIP9 Casino

IVIP9 is also known as IVIP9, a platform that offers a wide range of sports and betting options. It is a paradise for the bidders who are into bidding and making money from it. If we would say that we have been serving thousands to millions of players in online casino Malaysia then it is not wrong.

Starting up with a vision to make online gambling accessible for everyone, we have come up so far with a lot of advancements. We are using real time life like the one casino formats in the digital format. It is like converting the actual file into virtual reality.

All the games and procedures we are offering focus on the real time casinos and gambling setup at the same time. We have combined the both for the people who love to end up with both of them. It is like coming out of a traditional setup and providing the best of features.


IVIP9 is ruling the online casino Malaysia market with its vision of keeping the procedure transparent, fast, fair and secure. As a company, we understand the possible threats and concerns that people have about the casino industry. There are scammers out there who try to steal the money from the people in gambling.

Our setup is not like these fraud casinos. We have a system of transparency and clarity that makes every deal fair. We believe in giving the best to our clients and getting the right rewards from them. 

The whole procedure starting from the account humankind to accessing live streams or scoring, betting, making deposits and transfer we keep everything secure.

There are records of transactions and anyone can access these details as per need. We have classified policies and regulations to operate in the industry. These terms and conditions are strict and defined just to make sure we will cover our clients in the best manner. 

Our focus is to favor the clients and give them the right support they require to have more fun at the online casino Malaysia.

Mission Statement

Become top online casino in Malaysia, provide the best games experience for players.

At IVIP9, we have a mission to be perfect. Perfection never comes easily and it requires a lot of effort. Over the past years, we have been doing efforts in making things perfect for our clients and players. It seems like a long journey that is still on its track.

We are progressing to be the top online casino Malaysia with a larger number of players who trust us. To build the platform a success we are working on its structure, features, facilities, policies, security and much more.

IVIP9 is one such platform that covers a wide range of games, sports, features and much more. The platform is not only on the web but available in smartphone apps. It is our initiative towards success and standing out from the crowd. 

With a stronger setup supported by policies and infrastructure, we are continuing to become better every day. It turns out to be a milestone in achieving our ultimate goal and becoming the best of all Malaysian online casinos.

Why Should You Choose Our Casino?

a. Fast, reliable, and secure

IVIP9 is a well-known and secured online casino platform. With advanced and high-end security, we make it the best and all-time leading platform. We are a platform that serves you at its best.

b. VIP memberships

for the people who want to experience luxury and royal in online casino Malaysia there are VIP memberships. These are perked up with numerous other benefits and bonuses. A VIP can enjoy much more freedom, bonuses, matches and much more.

c. Offering promotions and bonuses

IVIP9 is a house of bonuses and promotions. From signing up to, play games and even betting a VIP membership you can enjoy numerous benefits. These bonuses help you in playing better and efficiently at the same time.

d. 24/7 live updates

IVIP9 online casino Malaysia is an all time live and updated website. We make sure to keep up with every single move in the match or game. You get the updates immediately that make it an ideal setting for you to bid right.

e. Live TV, Live scoring and Live casino

IVIP9 offers a wide range of supportive features such as live TV stream, live score board and casino as well. You can enjoy everything at once. During your bids, you can watch the live scores or matches with IVIP9 easily.

f. Mobile application

IVIP9 is not only the website portal but available in a mobile application. You can access the app for android and iOS operating system. The easy to use interface app makes your online casino Malaysia experience far better.

g. Responsive customer care

we believe in making our customers happy and satisfied. It is possible to observe any problem with the system. We always try to improve our system and keep them active. 

However, to meet any challenge we have a responsible customer care team. These representatives are always up to help customers with troubleshooting, issues and much more.

h. Quick transfers

IVIP9 is one of the prestigious casinos in Malaysia that offers you quick transfers. No matter if, you are pooling the money into your IVIP9 account or making a withdrawal. The processing speed is unmatchable. You can get the money in your accounts soon and will be able to enjoy it further.

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