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IVIP9 The Best Online Lottery Singapore 2024

Online lottery Singapore, available in IVIP9 offers the best opportunity for Asian gamblers. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for many years, there is something for you here.

IVIP9 may be a relatively new platform. But it’s considered the trusted online casino 2024 by many Singaporeans. This is due to the quality of services they offer.
Today, it delivers the most exclusive lottery experience. Whereas there are many other online casinos in Asia, none can easily match IVIP’s focus to detail.

As a trusted online casino Singapore, IVIP9 seeks to give its customers a realistic casino environment. Whether you are playing from a mobile device or using your desktop, IVIP9 will not disappoint.

If you are looking for the best online casino to win a lottery, IVIP9 is your answer. It packs a wide range of games from different lottery services.

One of the factors that make the platform good is its reliability. They have a way of making each customer feel safe.

They have proven trustworthy by delivering some of the biggest payouts after lottery wins.

Also, players are exposed to a wide range of bonuses. From the welcome bonuses to the much-coveted VIP bonus, creating an account with IVIP9 is already a win.

IVIP9 is a leader in the Asia market. Sign up today and access all the best lottery offers.

Famous IVIP9 Online Lottery Singapore

IVIP9 is here to provide a trusted casino environment in Singapore. With so many online casinos around, it can be hard finding such a service. Every online lottery buy from the platform brings you closer to winning. All online lottery games present immense opportunities for gamers.

The casino packs a wide range of lottery games. Perhaps online lotto is the most popular offer. But there is more:

Mark Six

Mark Six is a popular lottery on the Asia gambling market. The first Mark Six Hong Kong game was launched in 1975 to battle the black market lottery draws that were illegal.

To play Mark Six, a player chooses a single, multiple, banker, or random entry. It’s mandatory to pick an entry.

An entry should be six numbers between 1 and 49. However, other entries call for players to select more than seven numbers. It all depends on the specific games.

Six balls with random numbers within their range are drawn during the Mark Six drawing. A player that has the winning combination gets the prize.

4D Lottery

The lotto 4D online lottery is another popular game in Singapore. You play by picking a random number between 0000 and 9999.

Then, the game draws 23 winning numbers each time. A prize is given to the player with the winning numbers.

One plays by buying the numbers, after which there will be a draw to select the winner. It must be a 4-digit number.

Dragon lotto 4D result is announced after every 4D lottery draw. IVIP9 is one of the few online casinos licensed to run 4D lottery Singapore.

It does not just show the game but also shares tips on how to win 4D lotto.


In the world of lottery, Keno is a brand every Asian player knows very well. This is a fast, fun, and easy to play game with lots of winning opportunities.
The game features a new draw every 3:30 minutes. Players can win a huge amount of money with every draw.

Apart from that, you can win a Keno bonus by adding it to your ticket. This earns you a chance to multiply your chances to win by up to 10x.

The game is simple. Pick any number (up to 10) that you would like to play. Use one ticket for up to 99 consecutive draws. Select your wager and play.

It only takes 20 minutes for the draw to be complete. Click on VALIDATE to check for any winnings on your ticket.

How to Play Online 4D Lottery on IVIP9?

Playing the 4D lottery on IVIP9 is quite simple. You will need to buy an online lottery ticket from the site. Make sure you have enough money.
Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Create an Account With IVIP9

An account with IVIP9 gives you easy access to the online lottery website. Open the IVIP9 site and click on the sign uplink. Provide a username and password.

Step 2: Select the game

From the top of the homepage, click on "Lottery." Then select 4D.

Step 3: Place your bet

Choose between the ordinary, system entry, and 4D roll.

Step 4: Select the draw

The draw days are displayed on the home page. Select the right one from the single draw, three consecutive or six consecutive draws.

Step 5: Enter the numbers

By now, you should already know how to buy online lottery ticket. Enter your stake and click on play. Then wait for the draw to complete.
You can select multiple bets and ADD TO BET SLIP to line them up. The go-to the transaction history to track your bets.

Here are the general rules of the game:

  • Players can play through the account betting system or buy a ticket

  • It’s crucial to respect the system entry for stakes payable to each entry

  • A participant may take part through an Ordinary Entry, a 4D entry, a System entry, or an IBet Entry.

  • The prizes and winning numbers are per the prize structure of the given entry system

  • A participant can play as many times as they want with a single ticket entry by placing multiple bets.

Benefits of Playing Online Lottery on IVIP9

IVIP9 has put a lot of effort into establishing itself as a reliable online casino in Singapore. It aims to offer a dynamic and easy-to-use casino environment. Here are the features that make it ideal for the online lottery:

i. A wide selection of games

IVIP9 is your one-stop solution for all your lottery games in Singapore. It allows access to all the top lottery providers with ease.

ii. An intuitive interface

The best online casino seeks to give its customer unlimited access to the best games. The site is simple and yet detailed.

iii. Attractive prizes

Players can win amazing prizes and get paid instantly. Welcome bonus, VIP bonus, and free games are some of the attractive features the platform promises.

iv. Play online

If you are tired of buying tickets for physical stores, try the online lottery app download from the IVIP9 site. The online lottery software free download allows you to access the games from anywhere.

v. Play any game you want

The best thing about IVIP9 online casinos is that you are not limited to one game. You can choose any lottery without waiting in line.

Claim Online Lottery Bonus and Promotion on IVIP9

Play and get the 4D lottery result today from the comfort of your home. IVIP9 offers a wide range of bonuses and special offers to get more players on board.
Here are some of the latest bonuses:

  • Lottery Welcome bonus. You can claim this bonus any time after creating an account and playing a few games. Check the site for instructions.

  • Birthday bonus. Give your date of birth during registration to qualify for the birthday bonus.

  • Daily bonus. You qualify for the IVIP9 daily bonus by playing daily. It’s a great way to start your gaming journey.
Click on the specific offer to claim. Follow the instructions as per the company policy.

Best Strategy to Win Online Lottery Singapore

Lottery is a game of chance. It’s not easy to predict which combination will win. However, you can get a better 4D lottery result Singapore by learning a few playing tricks.

These tips are applicable to any lottery.

Tips #1: Select the right game

Not every lottery game is the same. Choosing the right one can increase your winning chances immensely. Before you spend, take some time to investigate.

Tips #2: Join a lottery pool

Here is one strategy that has worked for many players. Increase your odds by becoming part of a lottery pool. Buy more tickets. The more you spend, the higher your chances to win.

Tips #3: Invest wisely

Lottery prizes are quite alluring. You can spend a lot of money on them and never win. Set your budget right and stick to it.

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