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IVIP9 The Best Fishing Casino in Singapore

Do you want to have the best gaming experience with an excellent platform? Then you are at the right place. Here, we will let you know about the best casino games that are listed here on our website by which you can earn money while playing games.

Do you know the leading gaming platform? In Asia, there are many gaming platforms present, but for Singaporean users, IVIP9 is the best leading gaming platform. 

The online casino Singapore has many wonderful and up-to-date web-based casinos. These games are not only available in Asia, but they are widely spread all over the world. The platform is also the host of many top-notch games provided by MaxBet or Habanero etc.

Famous IVIP9 Fishing Games Online Singapore

Over the years, the IVIP9 casino has increased its online games. Special thanks to the software developer of this platform, who continuously adds games to the platform. The library of games has many popular brands such as online slots and Fishing online casinos

All the games on this platform are built for both mobile and desktop users with a user-friendly interface that works perfectly with all the devices with HD graphics that gives you a thrilling experience of IVIP9 fishing games online.

Fishing God

Participate in fishing God, and attack different sea creatures virtually. Your target while playing this game is to collect all the hidden items. So, join now here at IVIP9 and play this awesome high-risk award game to find the hidden treasures in the heart of the sea.

Fishing casino God is a colonnade game in which special symbols and the multiplayer option is the best feature. Players enjoy this fun game, which helps them to stick to their seats until they win. Hold your grips on play buttons and keep clicking the fire buttons to enjoy the best sea gaming experience.

Fishing War

In the Fishing War game, you have to dip yourself into a submerged empire attacked by many beasts to collect many rewards. The game gives you the best gaming experience that will help you to stay active.

The fish game casino has three levels of difficulty. These help you to gain exciting payments rewards that will enhance your gaming interests. So, keep playing to shoot the big dragon and win big rewards.

Best Shooting Fish Game Provider of Singapore - Pragmatic Play

You can play the best online casino games from any place in Singapore with the online mobile casino. The site has many ordinary online browsers that are fast, responsive and easy to access. This casino IVIP9 site has download options as well so you can download and install games on your android and iOS devices as well.

Now you can download our app of IVIP9 from our website free of cost and enjoy playing. Keep playing and get benefits of access to methods of payouts, rewards, and support services at the best online casino Singapore.

How to Find the Right Fishing Casino Singapore?

The fishing casino game is the best and creative invention on our IVIP9 casino and it is very much popular in the gaming market. These games give a similar experience as online video slots games with a colorful theme. 

Further, fishing games have many beautiful interactions that make them more exciting than video online slot games.

The site IVIP9 offers many online video games so that customers can find them from any part of Asia or the world. Gaming institutions offer a large variety of high quality, scam-free sites that have many games. These feature games are soccer, finding seafood online, roulette, and baccarat slots.

Benefits of Playing Fish Shooting Games on IVIP9

Fish shooting game is the most popular and the best addition in casino games. No matter if you are a student, elder, office employee, or movie actor, you can play these games - it is very exciting just like the actual activity in real life.

a. Play anytime, anywhere

Many people are upset because they can’t play shooting fish game when they go out. Now your tension is released because trusted online casino 2024 offers a shooting game. 

The game has the advantage that you can play it if you have internet, mobile or computer anywhere and in any position. You can play fish games from anywhere through any device.

b. Experience a beautiful gameplay

Do you want beautiful graphics with an excellent map? Then you should play the fish shooting gambling game. The game has a beautiful map, brittle image, 3D, genuine sound, and bright.

c. Change coins into real money

Players can feel that they are present in the real world and enjoy colourful fishes and beautiful scenery. Now, you can shoot the heaviest fish through bombs and guns. The fish that are heavy and big are very beneficial for you. It gives you many coins that you can change into real money (provided that you win!).

How to Play Shooting Fish Game on IVIP9?

The trusted online casino Singapore gives you a very exciting and attractive gaming experience with online fish shooting game. Now, we will tell you that how you can play it:

  • Step 1: The first and the most important step is to choose the best shooting game available here on our website. There are a variety of shooting games, but the need is to select the best online casino shooting game. Most games are interesting, but you will never get bored in fishing shooting games.

  • Step 2: After you register with us you can log into the IVIP9 website and choose your favourite game, you need to load bullets, choose a level and then press to shoot. After shooting the fish of your desire, you will be able to catch the coins and rewards. Though, you can’t shoot big fishes like sharks.

  • Step 3: All you have are enough resources to use large 4 and 5 bullets. Use promotions while playing games at minimum cost to get maximum resources like bullets guns to aim the fish with more than five coins. Though, these fish are very strong. So, wait for them to group for effective shooting.

  • Step 4: In the fish casino, many additional targets are present that are easy to shoot, but they don't appear often. These targets are dice balloons, glittering fish, and pearls. All you have to do is watch it slowly and steadily move towards the center of the screen. So, you can pay attention to the shooting.

  • Step 5: In the fish game table, there are fish that die instantly from the table. Therefore, find out and observe that the fish has just left the table to shoot instantly. All you have to do is sit down and add more bullets to the table edges. Then wait for the fish to shoot and grab coins.

Best Strategy & Tips on How to Win Shooting Fish Game Singapore

If you want to win a trusted online casino in Singapore, then you should follow all the following best tips and strategies:

Tips #1: Shoot the fish individually

There are lots of fish around the fish table, so it's difficult to shoot an individual fish. But shooting the fish that is alone is beneficial. Use two centre bullets that are suitable to kill the individual fish. The fish that is medium size appears on the screen should be killed using these bullets with continuous aim.

Tips #2: Shoot fish groups (if you aim right) 

Shooting a fish group is easy and when you come near a group of fish, use 4-5 bullets. It will help you to take five coins per fish. Always take care while shooting, wait for the right time to shoot. The reason to do it is that sometimes a big fish hinders the shooting.

Tips #3: Choose the powerful bullets

When you want to shoot the fish, then you should use strong and effective bullets. It is necessary to know what type and how to use these bullets for each fish type. Money is necessary to buy bullets, so avoid wasting bullets.

Tips #4: Headshot shooting 

Players must use a large bullet and aim at the head of the fish. Then kill the fish that is worth more than five coins. As these fish are strong, so wait for the right time to shoot.

Tips #5: Focus on the points of fish of each type

Each shooting game has a different point calculating method. Overall, calculating points range between 1 to 100. At the start, make sure to shoot the fish with fewer points because it is easy to kill.

Tips #6: Slow down shooting in the game

Concentrate on shooting the fish that is your aim by slow shooting. After the target fish dies, the bonuses and their value are, of course, yours. You only need a few bullets to destroy it. 

Whereas if you hunt for a big fish that will be shot by many people, the risk of losing is very high. To do this, you will use quite a large number of bullets.


If you want an unbelievable gaming practice, then the best platform is IVIP9, and it provides you with a number of signup bonuses as well which other casino websites do not offer. IVIP9 the most trusted casino and slot website.

The users of this website are consistently increasing and right now, it is the best available casino gaming website for Singaporean betting lovers. The site works under strict Singaporean laws and protects consumer’s security through advanced technologies. 

So do not hesitate just click here to sign up and enjoy a lot of casino gaming thrills in one place.

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